Retrotisements — 1960 Ford Motor Company New Car Lineup

1960 Ford Motor Company New Car Lineup brochure

Print advertisements, brochures, and TV commercials help give us a glimpse into the automotive past. Today’s ad collection shines a spotlight on the 1960 Ford Motor Company domestic American car lineup, which featured four main models — the brand-new, compact Falcon, full-size Fairlane and Galaxie, and the second-generation, luxury Thunderbird — as well as the usual assortment of wagons and trucks.

1960 was a fairly significant year for Ford in terms of change. On the consumer front, the recently introduced Galaxie was completely remodeled, while the Falcon made its debut. The Falcon represented Ford’s entry into the compact car market, and its development was spearheaded by company president Robert S. McNamara — who in 1961 became United States Secretary of Defense under President John F. Kennedy. The Falcon was marketed along with the third-generation Fairlane as Ford’s “Economy Twins.”

One of the curious things about Ford’s 1960 campaign is their use of the Peanuts characters to sell cars. They showed up both in print ads (see one of the Falcon entries below) and TV spots. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Snoopy’s been hawking life insurance for years, but still, it’s pretty bizarre to see Charlie Brown and his friends smoking cigars to celebrate new Fords.

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1960 Ford — General

1960 Ford ad - Wonderful New World of Fords for '60

1960 Ford Falcon/Fairlane 2-page ad

1960 Ford new car lineup ad

1960 Falcon

1960 Ford Falcon brochure pag
1960 Ford Falcon advertisement
1960 Ford Falcon wagon advertisement
1960 Ford Falcon ad feat. Snoopy
1960 Ford Falcon 2-page advertisement
1960 Ford Falcon ad feat. Peanuts
1960 Ford Falcon Wagons ad feat. Alice in Wonderland
1960 Ford Falcon wagon ad feat. Peanuts

1960 Fairlane

1960 Ford Fairlane brochure page
1960 Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan

1960 Galaxie

1960 Ford Galaxie ad

1960 Ford Galaxie advertisement

1960 Thunderbird

1960 Ford Thunderbird brochure page

1960 Ford Thunderbird 2-page Marines ad

1960 Ford Station Wagons

1960 Ford Station Wagons brochure
1960 Ford Country Squire wagon advertisement

1960 Courier

1960 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery advertisement

1960 Ford Pickups

1960 Ford pickup truck ad feat. F-100 and Ranchero
1960 Ford Pickups 2-page ad

1960 Ford farm pickups advertisement

1960 Ford Trucks

1960 Ford Trucks ad

1960 Ford Trucks Brochure - 4-wheel drive models

1960 Ford Trucks Brochure - medium duty models

1960 Ford Trucks Brochure - super duty models

1960 Ford Trucks Brochure - tandem axel models

1960 Ford Trucks Brochure - school bus chassis

1960 Ford Trucks Brochure - parcel delivery chassis

(Some brochure images sourced from The Old Car Manual Project.)

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