Retrotisements — Classic Ads from Car Companies of the Past

1937 DeSoto convertible sedan

1937 DeSoto convertible sedan

The list of car makes and manufacturers no longer with us is a long one indeed. And seemingly growing all the time. Here’s the first of many looks back at the cars of yesteryear — Retrotisement style!

Oldsmobile logo

Oldsmobile (1897 — 2004)

The Six (1934)

The Oldsmobile Six (1934)

1960 sedan

Oldsmobile 1960 advertisement

1966 Vista Cruiser (familiar to fans of That ’70s Show)

1966 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser advertisement

DeSoto logo

DeSoto (1928 — 1961)

1937 convertible sedan

1937 DeSoto Convertible Sedan advertisement

1956 Fireflite sedan

1956 DeSoto Fireflite Sedan advertisement

Hudson logo

Hudson (1909 — 1957)

1940 Six Touring Sedan

1940 Hudson Six Touring Sedan advertisement

1955 Hornet Hollywood coupe

1955 Hudson Hornet Hollywood Coupe advertisement

Plymouth logo

Plymouth (1928 — 2001)

1929 coupe

1929 Plymouth Coupe advertisement

1967 Barracuda

1967 Plymouth Barracuda advertisement

1989 Voyager minivan

1989 Plymouth Voyager Minivan advertisement

Maxwell logo

Maxwell (1904 — 1925)

1922 sedan

1922 Maxwell Sedan advertisement

1925 sedan

1925 Maxwell Sedan advertisement

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  1. Max Power

    One of the running gags in the Jack Benny show was that he still had his Hudson well into the 1940s and 50s, even though they hadn’t been made since 1925. It added to his reputation as a miser. On the radio, the car was usually portrayed as a wheezing jalopy by Mel Blanc.

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