Retrotisements: Holiday cookout edition

For those of us in the good ol’ U.S. of A, Independence Day celebration time is almost here (that’s the 4th of July in case you’re reading this from foreign shores).  And that means that for those of us not spending the day looking for fingers blown off by illegal fireworks, it’s cookout time!  So invite your friends and family over (Except for your second cousin Fred.  Holy crap, that guy’s a boor.) and let’s consume some charred flesh!

First things first: let’s fire up the grill!  (Kingsford Match Light charcoal, 1981)

Kingsford Match Light charcoal ad (1981)

Who’s up for some hot diggity dogs??? (Armour Franks, 1956)

Armour Franks ad (1956)

Or maybe burgers are more your style?  Don’t forget the ketchup/catsup! (Hunt’s Tomato Catsup, 1954)

Hunt's Tomato Catsup ad, 1954

I don’t know about you, but cleaning all those dirty glasses can be a real drag.  So break out the plastic and raise a big middle finger to the planet. (Dixie Cups, 1954)

Dixie Cups ad, 1954

And finally, let’s not forget the refreshments.  I brought some soda for the kiddies… (Coca-Cola, 1967)

Coca-Cola pull tab soda ad, 1967

And something with a little more kick for the folks. (Schlitz beer, 1964)

Schlitz pop-top beer ad, 1964

I almost forgot – you can’t go home without taking some leftovers! (Tupperware, 1962)

Tupperware ad, 1962

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