Retrotisements – McDonald’s McRib

If you aren’t one of the many McRib believers out there, now is your chance to find enlightenment.  Now through November 14, McDonald’s is unleashing one of their menu’s white whales* on the American public.  So if you’ve been missing a certain something in your life — that something being soft, molded pork-like product slathered in BBQ sauce, onions, and pickles and served on a soft roll — you can now fill that void.  Just remember to stock up on antacid and toilet paper.

But before you head out the door, join me for a quick look back at some McRib ads of yesterday.  First up are a fun pair of spots from 1989:

Hey I don’t know about you, but McRibs always taste best in an Oldsmobile Firenza. And did you check out that Coke? Does McDonald’s even sell soda in cups that small anymore? I must say that I am a little perplexed by the odd juxtaposition of the urban-sounding announcer (where is MacDonald’s anyway?) and the painfully white customers.  But hey — CHAWMP!

Fast forward two years, and the basic formula for the McRib ad is the same — dorky white folks and decidedly non-dorky white music.  It’s all just clearly been run through the ’90s-O-Matic processor, as evidenced by the clothes and typeface.

But don’t worry, McDonald’s hasn’t forgotten about our African-American brothers and sisters. Although you’ll wish they had. DEF!

Here’s a spot from 2008 — clearly McDonald’s has upped the diversity factor, but at the expense of good music.

And finally, something that has nothing to do with ads but is awesome anyway.  It’s a handy little flowchart on “How to Make a McRib.”  I don’t know who created this but it wasn’t me, so please don’t accuse me of stealing.

How to Make a McRib

*McRib does not contain whale meat.  I think.

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