Retrotisements — Mother’s Day Edition

Since all the dads out there got to enjoy some vintage advertisements three years ago, it’s only proper to finally give mothers their due. So here’s a hand-picked gallery of classic ads for Mother’s Day. And as always, these and many more ads can be seen in the main Retrotisements area.

FTD Florist (1956)

FTD Florist Mother's Day ad (1956)

Zales (1971)

Zales Mother's Day ad (1971)

G-E Mobile Maid dishwasher (1959)

G-E Mother's Day Dishwasher ad (1959)

Western Union (1948)

Western Union Mother's Day ad (1948)

Whitman’s (1952)
Whitman's chocolates Mother's Day ad (1952)
Gibson Mother’s Day cards (1952)
Gibson Cards Mother's Day ad (1952)
BarcaLounger (1955)

BarcaLounger Mother's Day ad (1955)

Zippo (1954)

Zippo Mother's Day ad (1954)

Kool-Aid (1962)

Kool-Aid Mother's Day ad (1962)