Say Hello to the World Football League

1973-74 World Football League Promotional Poster

I know you’ve missed my regular blog updates over the last month, but my absence is not without purpose. You see, I’ve been hard at work filling out my latest site project, The Press Room. And I have an exciting update to share, at least for football nerds.

I now have as part of the Press Room a host or programs and media guides for the short-lived World Football League (WFL). The WFL lasted just short of two full seasons, starting play in 1974 and pulling the plug in October 1975.

The history of the WFL is an interesting one, but that’s for other sites – like Fun While It Lasted – to handle. What I’m really interested in are the really cool programs the league produced. And while they had their share of duds, there were some real winners too. Here are just a few (click on a program to be taken to its page):

The Birmingham Vulcans probably had the best programs in the WFL, and rivaled the AFL in terms of sheer cartoony fun. Here’s one from their August 30, 1975 game against the Shreveport Steamer.

Among the many former NFL players to appear in the WFL was Raiders QB Daryle Lamonica. Here’s the Mad Bomber on the cover of this 1975 Southern California Sun game program. Dig those magenta uniforms!

This Memphis Southmen program isn’t particularly flashy, but it’s historical interest is high because it features RB Larry Csonka. Csonka was one of three Miami Dolphins greats — along with Jim Kiick and Paul Warfield — to defect to the WFL from the NFL.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I’m in the process of gathering program images from a few other defunct football leagues as well — the AAFC and USFL. Keep your eyes peeled!