Serene Branson’s scary post-Grammy moment

I love it when TV newspeople can’t control their mouths on air (I’m looking at you, Sue Simmons and Ernie Anastos!), but this is just scary. During a post-Grammy backstage piece on last night’s CBS Los Angeles news broadcast, Serene Branson looked for all the world to suffer a stroke mid-sentence. Seriously, this clip goes from funny to frightening really quickly. That’s fear in that woman’s eyes as she struggles to figure out what the hell is happening to her.

Branson was admitted to the hospital, and I guess we’ll find out what happened soon.

So to lighten the mood a bit let’s keep fucking that chicken, Ernie!

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  1. Thom

    I saw that clip this morning and had the same reaction. Started laughing, and then felt real concern when it went way beyond tripping over words into the “something is wrong here” category.

    On the other side – what the hell happened with that Anastos’ clip? I guess he meant to say “plucking”, but his commentary was all over the place. The look on his co-anchor’s face is priceless.

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