Shuffle Along (aka Name That Tune) – 1/13/11

For those who have not played along before, it’s simple: I pick 10 random tracks, you name the song and the band.  Guess correctly and win nothing.  Well, except a link back to your site if you have one.  (Link juice!)  And no cheating with Google please, there’s enough dishonesty in the world today.

  1. “I woke up with my head on the floor / In a windowless cell, a room full of doors / I got lost, now I’m so far behind / Took so much advice, forgot my own mind”
  2. “The woman from the supermarket ran to call the cops / He must be high on something, someone said.”
  3. “We can move with savage grace / To the rhythms of the night / Cool and remote like dancing girls / In the heat of the beat and the lights”
  4. “It was an evening I shared with the sun / To find out where we belong”
  5. “I never ask no questions, I never speak my mind / I always found that silence helps to keep me and my kind alive”
  6. I can’t stop the way I feel / Things you do don’t seem real”
  7. I’ve tried to mend/ The love that ended / Long ago although we still pretend / Our love is surely coming to an end / Don’t waste the time you’ve got to love again”
  8. “Hanging out / down the street / The same old thing / we did last week”
  9. “It’s cold outside / And the paint’s peeling off of my walls / There’s a man outside / In a long coat, grey hat smoking a cigarette”
  10. “Soldier boy kisses girl / Leaves behind a tragic world / But he wont mind / He’s in love and he says love is fine.”