Shuffle Along (aka Name That Tune) – 7/24/09

I’m going to steal something that Jess ran on his blog many times – name that tune.  It’s simple: I post a lyric from the next random batch of songs that shows up on my iPod, and you try to guess the song and artist.  If you guess correctly and have a website, you get a free link (otherwise, just your name).  You just can’t buy that kind of publicity.  If this goes well I’ll do it again.  Of course if no one guesses anything I’ll just shitcan the whole idea.  Let’s play!  (and no cheating by looking them up!)

1. “She can move you and improve you with her love and her devotion.  And she’ll thrill you and she’ll chill you, but you’re headed for commotion.” – KISS, ???
2. “Tied to a chair, and the bomb is ticking.  This situation was not of your picking.”
3. “I hang my head and I advertise a soul for sale or rent.  I have no heart, I’m cold inside.  I have no real intent.”
4. “The sheets are gray, left since the day she went away, I lost all power.  The dust is thick, the dog is sick, the kids have picked most of the flowers.”
5. “You ask me why I’m weary, why I can’t speak to you.  You blame me for my silence, say it’s time I changed and grew.”
6. “Your groove I do deeply dig.  No walls, only the bridge.  My supper dish, my succotash wish.” – Deee-Lite, “Groove Is in the Heart” (Thom)
7. “Troubled times, caught between confusion and pain, pain, pain.  Distant eyes, promises we made were in vain, in vain, in vain.” – Journey, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” (mizerychik)
8. “Angels never know it’s time to close the book and gracefully decline.”
9. “Gonna make you, make you, make you notice.” – The Pretenders, “Brass in Pocket” (Thom)
10. “I been bad, I been good.  Dallas, TexasHollywood. I ain’t askin’ for much.” – ZZ Top, “Tush” (xtrev)