So many decisions…

I’m sure you have been coming here every day for months, wondering what happened to me. Kind of like opening the refrigerator 20 times in a night in the hopes that something new and delicious will have appeared since the last time you checked. Well I have no new ham or salad for you – just some old hot dogs.

So like thousands of other people, I descended on the Ticketmaster site last week in the hopes of scoring some tickets to see The Police. I had a brief glimpse of glory when I did manage to score two tickets for Madison Square Garden, but they were behind the stage. I can think of few bands…scratch that. I can think of no band I want to see so much I’m willing to pay $50 to site behind the stage. So I gave those tickets up, and predictably never got close again. So I will try again Monday for the Giants Stadium show, and see what happens. The idea of watching a band through binoculars isn’t terribly appealing, but it’s better than backstage.

If that doesn’t work out, my summer concert plans will have taken a hit. I expect I will see Rush again when they tour for their new album. I doubt it will be anything groundbreaking, but every time they’ve toured in the last decade I always go in case it’s their last.

Then there’s Group B – Van Halen and Genesis. The continuing soap opera that is VH seems to have made that decision easier, as it looks like the tour might not even happen. Something about Wolfgang having to catch up on a book report or something. Nothing says ROCK AND ROLL like that!

And then there’s Genesis. I, like most hardcore fans, can’t help but feel let down that Peter Gabriel couldn’t put aside his plans to save the world for a few months to join the group on tour. And without him, there’s no Steve Hackett. So I’m left wondering if the Collins/Banks/Rutherford trio will deliver a show with some deep cuts like “Ripples” and “Dodo” or if it’ll be the Invisible Touch-era garbage. But even if they do the good stuff, will it be worth the $50 or so it will cost to see it? So many decisions…

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