Star Trek – The Lost Logs (Kirk)

Star Trek - The Lost Logs (Captain Kirk)
Don’t ask me how I got a hold of these.  All I’ll say is that many brave Bothans died to bring me this information.  That’s right, I said Bothans. Here now is a never-before revealed entry written by Capt. James T. Kirk himself…

Captain’s Log, Stardate 4732.4 –

I will never understand women. I’ve explored the far reaches of the galaxy, I’ve defeated more enemies than I can remember, and I’ve bedded more alien women than anyone in Starfleet history. And yet that damned ice princess, Nurse Chapel, eludes me.

It’s not as if I haven’t tried, believe me. Just last week I went to sickbay for my regular checkup, and when she walked in I was wearing nothing but my boots and a hint of Skagaran Musk. She ran away screaming something about violating Starfleet protocol and formal complaints and blah blah blah. Next thing I know Bones is cupping Little Tiberius and telling me to turn my head and cough. He sure does have soft hands though, I have to give him that.

Ah Christine Chapel, you are mine and you don’t even know it yet!