Dig This Collection of Star Wars Masks and Helmets

Once more from the farthest reaches of the internet, I bring you cool Star Wars stuff. This time, it’s a gallery Star Wars masks and helmets used in the original trilogy. Most of these closeup pictures were taken within the last few years or so, so you have to expect some visible wear and tear. Still, they’re fascinating documents that went into the magic of the first three films.

Up first is a snowtrooper helmet from The Empire Strikes Back. Bet you never knew they had green eyepieces!

The Empire Strikes Back Snowtrooper helmet

Also from The Empire Strikes Back, here’s an original Ugnaught foam latex mask. You remember the Ugnaughts as the little pig people who worked in Cloud City and helped prep the carbonite machine for Han Solo.

The Empire Strikes Back Ugnaught mask

Here are three different angles of a regular ol’ Stormtrooper helmet, worn during the filming of Return of the Jedi by stuntman Billy Horrigan.

Return of the Jedi Stormtrooper helmet Return of the Jedi Stormtrooper helmet Return of the Jedi Stormtrooper helmet

Now here’s something you’ve probably never seen before, and that has since been wiped from existence by George Lucas. It’s the latex headpiece worn by Emperor Palpatine in The Empire Strikes Back. The Emperor was originally played by Elaine Baker, with Clive Revill providing the voice. They’ve since both been replaced in the DVD by Ian McDiarmid.

The Empire Strikes Back Emperor Palpatine headpiece

Up next is a pair of masks from the famous Cantina sequence in Star Wars: A New Hope. Here’s a mask for one of the aliens in the Cantina, known as Ellorrs Madak.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Cantina alien mask - Ellorrs Madak

Here’s a mask for the creature known as M’iiyoom Onith, affectionately known by the crew as Yam Head.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope - M'iiyoom Onith mask

Do I even have to tell you who this is?

Star Wars Chewbacca mask (Peter Mayhew)

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