The Storm Chasers Drinking Game

Crab fishing is so last year, people. Now it’s all about risking your life to chase down deadly tornadoes to get video footage and, time permitting, scientific data I guess. We’re almost a month into the latest season of the Discovery Channel’s hit reality series, Storm Chasers, and I thought an accompanying drinking game was overdue. After all, I may be a failed meteorology student but I am not a failed drinker.

So for those of you who live to follow the latest twister-chasing exploits of Team Dominator (led by Reed Timmer), Team TIV (brow-beaten by Sean Casey), Team TWISTEX (led by Tim Samaras), and formerly Team DOW (poorly led by Dr. Joshua Wurman), hunker down in your storm cellars and drink up!

The Storm Chasers Drinking Game

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