Sunday Jazz: Brand X, “Running on Three”

A lot of jazz fans cringe at the mere mention of the term “jazz fusion,” and I can understand why. What started out in the late 1960s as an exciting blend of jazz’s looser structure and penchant for improvisation with rock’s raw power turned to utter crap by the end of the ’70s. But there’s a lot of great fusion out there, waiting to be discovered.

And so today I present one of my favorite fusion groups — Brand X. The talent in Brand X was staggering. The core group of John Goodsall (guitar), Percy Jones (bass), Robin Lumley (keyboards), and Phil Collins (drums, of course) released some fantastic music in the mid to late ’70s. Their debut record, Unorthodox Behaviour, is quite simply one of the best examples of jazz fusion at its peak.

So fusion lovers and fusion haters alike, feast your ears on the Percy Jones composition “Running On Three” from Brand X’s 1976 debut LP, Unorthodox Behaviour.

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