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Catalog Goodness #4: Ronson Shaver (Emil Braude & Sons, 1959)

Is it a microphone? A futuristic communications device? No! It’s the wonderful new Ronson electric shaver, the most advanced electric shaver ever made! And it can be yours by order from Email Braude & Sons’ 1959 catalog.

Ronson Shaver (Emil Braude & Sons, 1959)

Emil Braude & Sons were wholesale distributors nationally advertised watches, jewelry, silverware, clocks, and appliances. They were based out of Chicago, Illinois.

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Comic Book Rack #4: Hi-School Romance, March 1954

Hi-School Romance, March 1954

Here’s a mid-century gem from Harvey Comics: It’s issue #26 of Hi-School Romance, publication date March 1954. One of the common tropes I’ve noticed from these romance comics is that the kid with the bow tie always seems to be choice #2 for the heartbroken girl. Well, not Eddie Fisher, but the other kids.

This cover, with art by Julius La Rosa, comes from the “Rage of Night” story. The others stories are just as delightfully named — “Trapped by Desire,” “Tempted!” and “I Lied to My Love.” So scandalous! So steamy!

Album Cover of the Week: Arthur Lyman on Broadway

Folks, this one has it all. Matching outfits, leis, pants up to the belly button, at least three tubes of Brylcreem, a vibraphone (or is it a marimba?), and state of the art photo editing. It’s Arthur Lyman on Broadway!

Arthur Lyman on Broadway

This gem of an LP was released in 1959 on the HiFi Records label. Lyman, who made his name with music that could roughly be called Polynesian, explored the world of show tunes here. There are four cuts on the album — “The King and I,” “My Fair Lady,” Porgy and Bess,” and “South Pacific.”

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Postcards from the Past #2: Labor Day at Dorney Park

Labor Day at Dorney Park postcard

There is no postmark on this one but it seems to be from the 1950s or so.

Labor Day at Dorney Park postcard


The flag shown on the reverse side was a special Labor Day decoration. It was made of thousands of white and red apples for the stripes. Egg plant was used for the blue field and squash was used for the stars. Thousand flock to the amusement park each year to see the designs made entirely of fruits and vegetables for Labor Day holiday.

Toon Time #2: Quick Draw McGraw for Kellogg’s

From the age when corporations directly sponsored TV shows comes this color animation cel from 1959. It features Baba Looey of The Quick Draw McGraw Show on top of a wagon spiriting a Kellogg’s banner. The show was sponsored by Kellogg’s when it debuted in 1959.

Kellogg’s – The BEST to You

Here’s a sample of the opening theme for the show, although this particular cel is not part of it.

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