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Catalog Goodness #5: Imagic Video Game Cartridges for Mattel & Atari (1982)

From the first golden age of video gaming we have this 1982 catalog for the Imagic video game cartridge collection, available for Atari and Intellivision.

Catalog Goodness #5: Imagic Video Game Cartridges for Mattel & Atari (1982)

The catalog itself contains mostly descriptions of Imagic’s games along with cover art photos and game shots. Here are a few from games I played on the trusty old Atari 2600 back in the day:

Catalog Goodness #5: Imagic Video Game Cartridges for Mattel & Atari (1982)

Demon Attack

Catalog Goodness #5: Imagic Video Game Cartridges for Mattel & Atari (1982)

Cosmic Ark

Towards the back is a beautiful storage center, complete with faux wood grain.

Catalog Goodness #5: Imagic Video Game Cartridges for Mattel & Atari (1982)

And as many other video companies had in the ’80s, Imagic offered their own brand-specific club membership. Theirs was cleverly named the Imagic Numb Thumb Club. On the plus side, they offered a sweet game poster. On the down side, no awesome patches like Activision.

Catalog Goodness #5: Imagic Video Game Cartridges for Mattel & Atari (1982) Catalog Goodness #5: Imagic Video Game Cartridges for Mattel & Atari (1982)

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Brad Mills (Fleer 1982 baseball card)

Worst Sports Cards Ever #1: Brad Mills (Fleer 1982)

Former Montreal Expos infielder Brad Mills played in the Big Leagues for just 106 games over four seasons but has enjoyed a long coaching career since.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the most memorable thing to come from his playing career is this 1982 Fleer baseball card, capturing him in what was probably a common position.

Brad Mills (Fleer 1982 baseball card)

I don’t know if you could consider Mills to have been an integral part of the Expos’ improbably run to the 1981 NLCS, but thanks to him no gum went unchewed.

Sergio Valente ad (1982)

Vintage VHS Commercial Bonanza, Part 6 (feat. Sergio Valente and Frank Perdue)

Sergio Valente ad (1982)

Fashion, 1982 style!

It’s been more than two months since I shared the last batch of vintage 1982 commercials, so I’d say we’re overdue. The following are all the ads shown during the fifth break of WABC-TV Channel 7′s airing of Von Ryan’s Express on June 19, 1982. In this double-size break we’ve got Mel from Alice hawking bug spray, processed cheese-type food, the one and only Frank Perdue, and more!

Two of the ads in this section — Kal Kan and Midas — were repeated from earlier in the broadcast and have already been posted, so I’m not putting them here again. Part 5 of our VHS treasure trove is here.

Astute viewers should recognize our bug-challenged gardener friend as Vic Tayback, aka Mel from the old Alice TV show. (No-Pest)

Other than the jaunty, period jingle the thing that stands out to me in this spot is how generic the packaging was. (Kraft Singles)

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Vintage VHS Commercial Bonanza, Part 5 (feat. Carta Nevada, Helena Rubinstein, and Midas)

1982 Freixenet Carta Nevada sparkling wine commercial

And we’re back with another word from our sponsors! Here are all the commercials shown during the fourth ad break of WABC-TV Channel 7’s airing of Von Ryan’s Express on June 19, 1982. We’ve got ads for booze, makeup, mufflers, and… ballet? Actually, now that I think about it, that sounds like the makings of a pretty classy evening. Except the muffler bit.

(Part three of our look back at these commercials is right here.)

Oh, I just love it when square white people break out the Freixenet and get all frisky! (Carta Nevada sparkling wine)

(Helena Rubinstein)

That’s a sweet collection of early ’80s cars, is it not? And is that an old VW Rabbit? I think it is. (Midas)

Like I said, classy is the operative word here. Any time you throw out ballet companies performing at the New York Metropolitan Opera, it’s total fucking class. (Royal Danish Ballet)

Vintage VHS Commercial Bonanza, Part 4 (feat. Quaker Corn Bran, Cella Winery, and A&P)

Here’s the second half of the commercial break from the 1982 WABC-TV airing of Von Ryan’s Express that I started in this post.

This classic Quaker Corn Bran spot stars a very young Danny Pintauro, who you know best as Jonathan Bower, Tony Danza’s son from Who’s the Boss?

I really don’t remember seeing these Fussy Customer ads, which appeared to basically be for a group of car dealers in the New Jersey area. But I dig the quaint music and animated birds.

That’s Indiana-born James Manis as Aldo Cella, with his famous “Chill-a-Cella” catchphrase.

Oh yeah, vintage A&P with the green smocks and red jackets! It’s hard to remember now, but for many years A&P was not just the biggest supermarket chain in America, it was one of the biggest retailers period. From a high of about 16,000 locations in the ’30s, the post-bankruptcy A&P now operates just over 300.

Vintage VHS Commercial Bonanza, Part 3 (Kal Kan, Diners Club, Miller Lite, Ashford & Simpson)

The Von Ryan’s Express of vintage 1982 TV commercials rolls on! This is the first half of the third ad break for the movie — broadcast by WABC-TV on June 19, 1982 — and it features spots for Kal Kan Mealtime, Diners Club, Miller Lite, and Ashford & Simpson.

(Here are the first and second installments in case you missed them.)

Of the four spots, my favorites are easily the Miller Lite and Ashford & Simpson one. The first is from Miller Lite’s all-time great “Less Filling/Tastes Great” campaign that ran for many years and featured a host of sports legends. This one stars Ben Davidson, the great Oakland Raiders defensive lineman who also dabbled in film acting. He played Rexor, Thulsa Doom’s second-in-command, in the 1982 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic Conan the Barbarian.

I also love this spot for an upcoming Ashford & Simpson concert at Radio City Music Hall. It’s just so damn funky and totally ’80s.

Vintage VHS Commercial Bonanza, Part 1

I finally got the urge to splurge on a new device — the Ion Video 2 PC if you’re curious — to transfer my old VHS cassettes to digital format. So naturally the first thing I did was to hunt for old commercials so I could upload them to YouTube. Because screw old movies or sentimental stuff, right?

This first batch has lasted for 30 years, believe it or not. They were recorded as part of a June 19/20, 1982 WABC-TV Channel 7 (New York) airing of the Frank Sinatra World War II classic, Von Ryan’s Express. Included for your viewing pleasure are the classic late ’70s/early ’80s WABC Saturday Night Movie bumper and four spots from the first commercial break — Acme Supermarket, Woolite, La Yogurt, and IHOP.

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Pop Culture Capsule — Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

I came across this while browsing the fantastic Google Books magazine archive, as I am wont to do. It’s a special on Michael Jackson from the December 1982 issue of Ebony. Jackson had just released his landmark Thriller album and had contributed the song “Someone in the Dark” to the storybook for the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The article is clearly from the age when M.J. could do no wrong, and the ugly rumors and innuendo that dogged his professional and personal lives had yet to surface. He was still simply Michael, beloved pop singer on the cusp of mega-stardom.

But what’s really fun — and a little sad — is to look at all the pictures, featuring Michael looking happy and rubbing elbows with the biggest names in entertainment at the time — Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Tatum O’Neal, Brooke Shields, Donna Summer, Dionne Warwick, Lionel Richie, Sidney Poitier, Paul McCartney, and even Seals & Crofts. Oh yeah, and E.T.

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

Michael Jackson 1982 Ebony Magazine Spotlight

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Retrotisements — 1982 American Motors Corporation (AMC) New Car Lineup

Print advertisements, brochures, and TV commercials help give us a glimpse into the automotive past. Today’s ad collection shines a spotlight on the 1982 American Motors Corporation (AMC) domestic American lineup. It featured three cars — the Concord, Eagle, and Spirit — as well as multiple Jeep models.

By 1982, things were looking pretty bleak for AMC. Outdated facilities, costly recalls, and flagging sales brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. What saved AMC — for the time being — was French-owned Renault being approved as principal owner in December 1980. The two companies had been operating under a joint manufacturing agreement since 1978, one of the fruits of which was the Le Car. AMC was also the exclusive American seller of the Fuego and 18/18i.

(To see other car lineup advertisement galleries, click here. Got a request for other years and makes? Let me know in the Comments section.)

1982 AMC (general)

1982 American Motors Corporation (AMC) brochure cover

1982 AMC Concord

1982 AMC Concord Sedans brochure page

1982 AMC Spirit

1982 AMC Spirit Sedan brochure page

1982 AMC Spirit Liftback brochure page

1982 AMC Eagle

1982 AMC Eagle SX/4 ad

1982 Jeep Cherokee Chief

1982 AMC Jeep Cherokee Chief ad

1982 Jeep CJ-5 (Renegade)

1982 AMC Jeep CJ (Renegade) ad

1982 Jeep J-10 Pickups

1982 Jeep/AMC J-10 Pickup brochure

1982 Jeep Scrambler

1982 Jeep Scrambler from AMC

1982 Jeep Wagoneer

1982 AMC Jeep Wagoneer Limited ad

1982 Renault Le Car

1982 Renault/AMC Le Car ad

1982 Renault Fuego

1982 Renault/AMC Fuego ad

1982 Renault 18i

1982 Renault/AMC 18i ad

(Brochure images sourced from The Old Car Manual Project.)

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