What Am I, Like, Some Kind of Summoner?

Just about the only time I see this AT&T commercial is during football games, and I’ve enjoyed it consistently for a few months. So here is the “Romantic Dinner” AT&T iPhone commercial.

I’m not going to lie, there’s a chance I may have been guilty of summoning scores/highlights on my iPhone during dinner or a conversation with Mrs. Suit. In my defense, sometimes you just gotta know what’s going on in the game. But I’m at least smart enough to keep quiet while doing it. Unless the Raiders score.

Oh, and as best as I can figure, the actress in this spot is Anicka Haywood. If someone knows better please let me know.

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1981 Sony Walkman ad

Retrotisements: RIP Sony Walkman (1979 – 2010)

You ever read an obituary on some famous, really old celebrity and think, “I thought that person was dead already”?  I reacted in much the same way when I read recently that one of Sony’s most famous products, the Walkman, was discontinued from production in Japan.

Who even listens to cassettes anymore, except hipsters wanting to look all ironic?  And more importantly, who would listen to one in public?

Well at one time the Sony Walkman was the product to have, and I was a proud owner.  I can’t say I’ll miss them, even though I have fond memories of playing my cassette copy of Alive! on an endless loop as a youth.  But it’s an important piece of music history, so the least I can do is throw some classic Walkman advertisements your way.  Check back in 30 years so we can wax nostalgic about the newly retired iPod.

First Walkman Ad

Straight from the mother country comes this gem from the early days of the Walkman.  There’s a lot to take in here, from the curvy model to the old Japanese dude ogling her, and lastly to the early Walkman logo that, surprisingly, did not have a lot of staying power.

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