Monday, March 30

Tag: AutoTune

Oh Hey, Another Rebecca Black Song (“Sing It”)

Let's be very clear here -- the only reason you or I are even watching this video is because "Friday" was such a colossally bad song. Of course it turned Rebecca Black into a star of sorts, even if it brought her a tidal wave of snide jokes and venomous criticism. But narcissism and opportunism being what they are, Black is back. This time there appears to have been some actual effort put into one of her songs, which I guess is an improvement. Witness the video for "Sing It," which is not as brutally funny as "Friday" but is also not as memorable. Sure, if the bar of quality for Black is the aural shitstorm that is "Friday," this is a vast improvement -- although no amount of AutoTune can hide the fact that she is simply an untalented singer. But even with a team of more professi