The Press Room in the Press! (AFL Programs in the Boston Globe)

I guess it can now be said that I have made the big time. Thanks to one of the many great connections I’ve made through the internet, some of my AFL programs were recently featured in an article published in the December 7 edition of the Boston Globe!

Titled “How football programs have changed—and what it means” and written by online buddy Robert Newman, the article looks at how the great Boston Patriots programs of the old AFL stack up against the modern, slick New England Patriots covers. (Spoiler alert: The old ones are better.)

Boston Patriots AFL programs from The Press Room

A related article highlights a handful of old Pats vs. San Diego Chargers programs, with good commentary by Robert. It’s well worth a read (and a listen) even apart from the fact that it features items from my fantastic collection of sports ephemera. Make sure to check it out and give Robert a follow while you’re at it.

And of course if you haven’t already checked out my latest and greatest project — The Press Room — what are you waiting for?

Gino Cappelletti, #20 Boston Patriots


It’s been awhile since my last Football Friday post, but with the preseason inching ever closer it’s time to get back into the swing of things. So here’s a cool photo I came across this week of American Football League legend Gino Cappelletti, Boston Patriots receiver/kicker. Gino was truly a double threat, and led the league in scoring for four of its ten seasons. He also took home AFL MVP honors after the 1964 season.

Cappelletti is one of seven Boston/New England Patriots to have his jersey number retired by the team.

Here’s Gino (#20) attempting a kick, with backup QB Tom Yewcic (#14) holding.

Gino Cappelletti, #20 Boston Patriots

Oh yeah, let’s not forget to take a second and admire those sweet, vintage Patriots uniforms.

Bob Griese 1968 Topps football card

Retired NFL Jersey Numbers: AFC East

Since it’s the off-season  I thought I’d start a fun project involving NFL history. So I’m going to go division by division and post football card galleries (when available) featuring all NFL players who have had their jersey numbers retired by their teams. This week it’s the four squads of the AFC East — the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and New York Jets.

Buffalo Bills (1)

#12 — Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly 1990 Pro Set football card

Believe it or not, #12 is the only jersey number officially retired by the Bills. There are three other numbers that aren’t issued anymore — #32, #34, and #78 — but they have not been retired. It’s unlikely that OJ Simpson’s number ever will be at this point.

Miami Dolphins (3)

#12 — Bob Griese

Bob Griese 1968 Topps football card

#13 — Dan Marino

Dan Marino 1984 Topps football card

#39 — Larry Csonka

Larry Csonka 1970 Topps football card

New England Patriots (7)

#20 — Gino Cappelletti

Gino Cappelletti 1967 Topps football card

#40 — Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes 1977 Topps football card

#57 — Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson 1978 Topps football card

#73 — John Hannah

John Hannah 1974 Topps football card

#78 — Bruce Armstrong

Bruce Armstrong 1991 Pro Set football card

#79 — Jim Lee Hunt

Jim Lee Hunt 1970 Topps football card

#89 — Bob Dee

Bob Dee 1961 Fleer football card

New York Jets (5)

#12 — Joe Namath

Joe Namath 1968 Topps football card

#13 — Don Maynard

Don Maynard 1963 Fleer football card

#28 — Curtis Martin

Curtis Marin 2005 Upper Deck football card

#73 — Joe Klecko

Joe Klecko 1982 Topps football card

#90 — Dennis Byrd

Dennis Byrd 1990 Topps football card

Boston Patriots at Houston Oilers — December 18, 1960 Jeppesen Stadium

Site Updates O’Plenty! (Sears Catalogs, AFL Covers)

These are exciting times at The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, my friends. In addition to a great new project in the works (hint: it involves old postcards), the updates to the main site have been coming fast and furious.

1958 Sears catalog page (saddle shoes)

I uploaded a bunch of new scans to my classic Sears catalog area, for the 1958 Spring/Summer edition. And if you love vintage saddles shoes and children’s wear, then you will love these scans. New stuff starts on this page.

Elsewhere, I’ve added a bunch of new game programs in my American Football League cover gallery, as well as added some higher-res versions of existing ones. There are too many for me to list here, but I can share a few of the cooler ones with you here.

New York Jets at New York Giants — August 17, 1969

This is from the very first matchup between the New York Jets and New York Giants. It was a charity preseason game played in front of 70,000 people at the Yale Bowl. The Super Bowl champion Jets had a little something to prove that day, and prove it they did. They creamed their older NFL brother 37-14. Joe Namath threw three TD passes and Mike Battle returned a punt 86 yards for a touchdown.

Boston Patriots at Houston Oilers — December 18, 1960 Jeppesen Stadium

Well what’s not to love about this cover? It’s from the 1960 AFL regular season finale between the visiting Boston Patriots and home Houston Oilers. The Oilers and Dallas Texans home game programs from the league’s first few seasons are all outstanding.

1962 Houston Oilers Pocket Schedule

Speaking of neat old Oilers images, how does this 1962 pocket schedule strike you? Yeah, I love it too.

Houston Oilers at Boston Patriots - November 25, 1960

A Gallery of Vintage AFL Game Programs, Vol. 2

Houston Oilers at Boston Patriots - November 25, 1960

I’ve been doing a lot of housecleaning of my American Football League game program section, and I was inspired to showcase some more of my favorites from the collection. So here’s a half dozen more AFL covers that help make the case that we did lose something when they merged with the NFL. If you want to check out the first cover gallery, go here.

Houston Oilers at Boston Patriots - November 25, 1960

Houston Oilers at Boston Patriots – November 25, 1960

Houston Oilers vs. Boston Patriots - November 18, 1962

Boston Patriots at Houston Oilers – November 18, 1962

San Diego Chargers at New York Jets - October 3, 1964

San Diego Chargers at New York Jets – October 3, 1964

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Football Friday: A Gallery of Vintage AFL Game Programs


One of these days, when I’m independently wealthy, I’m going to amass the largest collection of American Football League game programs around. Until then, I’ll just pick them up on eBay from time to time and collect scans from the internet. Here is but a sampling of cover images from AFL game programs during the ten-year existence of the league. Much like the AFL itself, these programs reflect a great deal of character and color.

To see more of these great old programs, check out the AFL program gallery on the main site.

AFL program 1960-07-31 - Texans vs. Raiders

Dallas Texans vs. Oakland Raiders. Sunday, July 31, 1960.

AFL program 1960-08-06 - Titans vs. Chargers

AFL preseason game program -New York Titans vs. Los Angeles Chargers. Saturday, August 6, 1960.

AFL program 1960-09-09 - Patriots vs. Broncos

AFL game program – Boston Patriots vs. Denver Broncos. Friday, September 9, 1960.

AFL program 1960-10-16 - Raiders vs. Patriots

AFL game program – Oakland Raiders vs. Boston Patriots. Sunday, October 16, 1960.

AFL program 1961-01-01 - Chargers vs. Oilers

AFL Championship game program – Los Angeles Chargers vs. Houston Oilers. Sunday, January 1, 1961.

AFL program 1961-09-10 - Bills vs. Broncos

AFL game program – Buffalo Bills vs. Denver Broncos. Sunday, September 10, 1961.

AFL program 1962-09-09 - Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Oilers

AFL program – Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Oilers. Sunday, September 9, 1962

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