The Countdown to Halloween 2012 Has Begun!

As you can see from today’s gallery of Halloween album covers, I’ve wasted no time in rolling out some fun holiday posts. But this year is a little more special, as I’m doing so as an officially licensed Cryptkeeper. So what does that mean? Basically that I’ve pretty damn jazzed about Halloween this year and so I’ve simply decided to join forces with other bloggers who feel the same. Just don’t call it a web ring — that’s so 1997.

So keep checking back here throughout October, as I’ve got some very excellent Hallowe’en stuff planned — from spooky album covers to frightening photographs and anything else I can think of. And as an extra bonus for fans of the site, I’m running a Countdown to Halloween on my Facebook page as well. There I’ll be posting at least one Halloween image a day for the whole month. So if you haven’t Liked this page yet, what are you waiting for?