The Lost Art of Real Estate Listing Photography

Crappy real estate listing photo #1 - Killer Fog

It’s been a tough go for the real estate industry over the last several years, and it seems unlikely to get much better any time soon. And I’ve watched enough real estate shows on cable to know that an agent’s job can be demanding even in a good market. A part of that job that far too many agents seem to overlook is the all-important listing photo.

Just like a good resume helps you get an job interview, a good listing photo can get someone to your open house. The key in both cases is that even an interested party will only give you a few seconds to make a good impression. So a crappy photo will not only kill a potential sale, it can now provide me with more material to mock. And so that’s what I’m going to do on my Facebook page as part of a new photo series I’m calling Is This For Real Estate?

Here are just a few samples of the killer real estate photography I’ll be displaying for my loyal fans. These photos, and the ones I’ll be showing on my Facebook page, are not altered in any way by me.

Crappy real estate listing photo #1 - darkness
You'll just have to imagine what this would be like with the power on.
Crappy real estate listing photo #1 - furnace!
Why yes, there is a furnace, thanks for asking!
Crappy real estate listing photo #1 - Killer Fog
Don't worry, if you make it through one Killer Fog season you'll love it here!
Crappy real estate listing photo #1 - Killer Fog
I do believe that cameras had a focus feature even as long ago as August 2011.