The Press Room in the Press! (AFL Programs in the Boston Globe)

I guess it can now be said that I have made the big time. Thanks to one of the many great connections I’ve made through the internet, some of my AFL programs were recently featured in an article published in the December 7 edition of the Boston Globe!

Titled “How football programs have changed—and what it means” and written by online buddy Robert Newman, the article looks at how the great Boston Patriots programs of the old AFL stack up against the modern, slick New England Patriots covers. (Spoiler alert: The old ones are better.)

Boston Patriots AFL programs from The Press Room

A related article highlights a handful of old Pats vs. San Diego Chargers programs, with good commentary by Robert. It’s well worth a read (and a listen) even apart from the fact that it features items from my fantastic collection of sports ephemera. Make sure to check it out and give Robert a follow while you’re at it.

And of course if you haven’t already checked out my latest and greatest project — The Press Room — what are you waiting for?