This 1950s Super Homemakers’ Guide Volvelle Is Super

Long before the days when handy housekeeping tips were just a click or an app away, the housewives of America and Canada had to make do with decidedly more crude technology. But man was some of it ever spiffy. Case in point: the Super Homemakers’ Guide volvelle (aka wheel chart), published by Super Publications in 1954.

1954 Super Homemakers' Guide Volvelle

What do I do if my volvelle gets stained?

The idea is simple — just dial up whatever you need to mend or wash, and the wheel tells all. For instance, thanks to the guide you know that when you cook cabbage you should place a dish of vinegar on the stove to remove the cabbage odor. Not sure how you get rid of the vinegar odor, as there’s no slot on the volvelle for that.

This was made with the intent of business buying in bulk to advertise themselves, as on this eBay listing specimen.

Pretty neat, no? Now you know how to get booze stains out of your rugs!