This Is the Most Accurate (and Funny) Map of New Jersey Ever

This is the most accurate (and funny) map of New Jersey ever

If you live or lived in New Jersey you’ve probably seen this map by now. It’s the latest geography-based internet sensation, a map of the Garden State. But see, this map has a twist. Rather than show the usual boring county lines, this one breaks it down by the type of people who live in the state, and… you know what, let’s just look at it (click on the map for an even larger version).

This is the most accurate (and funny) map of New Jersey ever

Having lived in three of these areas — and visited most of the others — I can attest to this map’s general accuracy. And its funniness. Even though I grew up in the “Executives Living in Mansions Driving Mercedes-Benzes” area and never had one.

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10 thoughts on “This Is the Most Accurate (and Funny) Map of New Jersey Ever

  1. Ernest Di Nardo

    That’s why the saying ” IF YOU LIVED IN N.J, YOU CAN LIVE ANYWHERE ” is so true !!

  2. Jim WP

    Lighten up already…With ya big time hellbound…I have been working and interacting with people all my working career and I cannot even count on one hand of a racism or discrimination in EWR, NJ. The only time i ever experienced racism was in Tenn my freshman year in college when I was referred to as an IIII- talian or greaser, wop, and so on…took it in stride and actually thought it was kind of funny. That’s because I was taught right from my beginnings in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and TRUE melting pot and was told to treat people right no matter what their color or creed…nuff said.

  3. disgusted

    this was not funny at all! its actually quite racist.

    1. hellhound55

      Unless you live in NJ you probably won’t appreciate the humor in it. NJ is one of the most racially diverse states in the country and there is less real racism here than in most places around the country. This is really more of a cultural map than a “race”map. I have lived in NJ for 58 years and I can say that this map is very accurate. Anyone that lives here for any extended period of time can appreciate the fun in it. Sorry you don’t have a sense of humor. Lighten up it is all in good fun and not mean spirited.

    2. fel121

      Its Jersey;, the best thing it and all those people could do would be to detach and float east about 150 miles.

  4. Joe

    Looks more like a diagram of your brain.

    1. Chris Holmes


  5. Amber

    Wow. Does anyone think this is actually remotely funny? Yes, I’m upset cause I’m from New Jersey but this is all just in bad taste

  6. nicole

    I guess I live with the poor minorities…..

  7. Vince Nolan

    Please make me a nice copy!!!


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