Touring, The Great Automobile Card Game

Touring, The Great Automobile Card Game

In 1906, cars were still a luxury item in the United States, well beyond the reach of the common folk. And yet two years before the legendary Model T ushered in the era of affordable automobiles for the masses, the now-defunct Wallie Dorr Company figured the time was right to unveil a new card game based on the expensive, newfangled horseless carriage – Touring.

In Touring, players race to see who can earn the requisite miles first (110 for this, the 1937 edition). Mileage cards help you move that much further along, while in the time-honored American tradition of screwing the other guy, your opponent can impede your progress with a hazard card.

And so it was that America passed countless hours pretending to own a car until the next episode of The Shadow came on the radio.

Touring proved popular enough to be snatched up by Parker Brothers in 1925, and they continued to produce it (with periodic updates to the images and mileage amounts) for another 50 years under the same name. In 1960 Parker Brothers purchased the rights to a similar game from France and began marketing it in America as Milles Bornes. They continued to sell both games until 1975, when Touring was quietly discontinued. Sacre bleu!

But enough talk. Let’s race!