Uh Oh SpaghettiOs, Pearl Harbor Day Edition

You’d think that by now companies would have learned how to effectively manage their social media presence. You’d be wrong. The latest corporate gaffe comes courtesy everybody’s favorite canned, sauce-drenched, pasta-like product, SpaghettiOs.

SpaghettiOs Pearl Harbor Twitter

OK, so let’s talk about this for a second. While I’m all for remembering the Pearl Harbor attack of December 7, 1941, the jovial nature of this image doesn’t really fit the solemn tone of the day. Really, SpaghettiOs, if you can’t be bothered to alter your mascot so it doesn’t have its tongue sticking out and a goofy smile, maybe just stick with a text message?

Anyway, here’s a few more tragedies that we might expect SpaghettiOs to commemorate in the future. First is the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln:

SpaghettiOs remembers the Lincoln assassination

“Sic Semper SpaghettiOs!”

And for a more contemporary tragedy, the death of Family Guy pet dog Brian Griffin.

SpaghettiOs remembers the death of Brian Griffin

Actually, I could see Family Guy doing this.