UNC Men’s Basketball 1972-73: “How You Doin’?”

I don’t handle college basketball ephemera on the Press Room (yet), but I couldn’t not share this anyway. It’s the media guide for the North Carolina Tar Heels’ 1972-73 men’s basketball season, and it is quite fetching for a few reasons.

media guide for the North Carolina Tar Heels' 1972-73 men's basketball season

Here we see a quite fetching UNC co-ed being eyed, sort of creepily I might add, by a trio of UNC players including George Karl on the right. And hoo-boy are those some great pants he’s wearing.

But it’s not his legs we’re interested in, right? Ah, college life.

As it turns out, putting pretty college women on the front of media guides and programs was not an uncommon practice, and I’m not even including cheerleaders in that category. But that’s another topic for another post…