Venture Bros. Wrapup: “The Doctor Is Sin” (S03E02)

For those who griped about the lack of Ventures in the season 3 premiere, you got what you wanted this week. In fact, we all got more Venture than we bargained for…

“The Doctor Is Sin” covered a very familiar theme in the Venture universe — failure. And of course, the biggest failure on the show is none other than Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture himself. And at first, things continue to look mighty grim for the son of Dr. Jonas Venture – he can’t find any cheap Mexican labor to work in his lab and he still can’t outperform his twin brother. But most dire of all: his Potemkin village-esque attempt to land a new government contract falls flat, putting the very future of Venture Industries into doubt.

While all this is going on, Dr. Venture has to deal with the loss of the Monarch as his archenemy. A veritable Who’s That of villainy keeps showing up on his doorstep to assume the role, each lamer than the last (according to Hank Venture).

Dr. Venture & Dr. Henry Killinger in "The Doctor Is Sin" (The Venture Bros.)

But just when all seems lost, salvation comes from the skies – in the form of Dr. Henry Killinger arriving via umbrella. When we last saw Dr. Killinger, he was presiding over the marriage of the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend (having helped them patch up their relationship earlier). He offers his help in turning around Venture Industries, which Dr. Venture is about to decline until he’s told it’ll be free.

But just as when Dr. Killinger became the Monarch’s #2 to help his failing operation, not everyone is on board with the plan. Pete White & Master Billy Quizboy are the victims of a hostile takeover, while Dr. Orpheus gets evicted by Killinger himself. When Orpheus confronts Killinger and attempts to probe his mind, there was much blood.

But things are finally looking up for Dr. Venture, who now has his own crew of “Venchmen”. First his business improves, and then he begins to gain real self-confidence when he tackles some pretty substantial daddy issues that had been lingering since childhood. Only at the end does he discover the real price to be paid for his success.

In a pretty tense climax, it appears that Killinger’s plan will work; and that the pretty inept trio of Dr. Orpheus, Brock Samson, and the Alchemist are too late to stop it. But then again, maybe Dr. Venture isn’t such a bad guy after all. And there is that failure thing again.

So as great as last week’s show was, this one was even better. There were lots of great lines and gags, and some excellent character exploration as well. I doubt much will change for Dr. Venture but you never know. And Dr. Killinger is quickly turning into one of my favorite supporting characters (right next to Dr. Orpheus of course). The fact that he still is so mysterious really helps, so in this case I’d be perfectly fine with keeping him that way.

Final grade: A/A+

Best moments/lines:

  • So now Dr. Venture’s brother has an iPod ad too?
  • Dr. Venture thinks a PR department is a Puerto Rican department.
  • The continuing mental decline of Jonny Quest is disturbing and hilarious at the same time.
  • “Rusty? Has he asked you for money yet?”
  • Pretty much anything involving Dr. Orpheus rules, and this week was no exception.
  • Dr. Venture’s stealth bomber has a logo painted on it.
  • I’m not usually a fan of pratfalls or slapstick, but Dr. Venture getting repeatedly run into the door on the moving walkway was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.
  • It’s been so long since Venture Industries was operating at full capacity, everyone mistakes smokestack exhaust for an attack.
  • So, Dr. Killinger’s magic murder bag does kill people!
  • I counted at least two Star Wars references.
  • Two naked Ventures is two more than I need. And having the black bar move just makes it worse.
  • “I love my job!”
  • “We’re…somewhat less magic.”
  • “It must be in your own hand, and only in blood.” “Well you’ve got enough of it to print a Kiss comic book with. What the hell am I signing, a zeppelin?”
  • “Act now, Venchmen are standing by for your order!”
  • “Hold me, Brock?” “Uh, no.”
  • “June 6, 2003? I really gotta get my s&!$ together.”

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