View-Master’s 1957 New Jersey – 2 of 7

Stop #2 on our tour of Ye Olde New Jersey is the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Looking at old beach photos is always interesting, because it’s one of the best ways to see the gradual loosening of dress standards. Even as late as 1957, it seemed suit pants and white dress shirts were the order of the day for the menfolk, while most of the women were still wearing longer dresses.

Atlantic City, 1957 (before the plight)

While you’re here, make sure to stop by for some SALT WATER TAFFY, and go see the latest Audrey Hepburn picture. I can make her name out on the movie theater marquee, but can’t tell what movie is playing. According to my good pal Wikipedia, it was either War and Peace, Funny Face or Love in the Afternoon. And you just know that theater is “Air-Conditioned For Your Comfort!”

Say, are my eyes playing tricks or is that a Schlitz beer sign way in the back? Sweet.

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