View-Master’s 1957 New Jersey – 4 of 7

Here’s a scene that a lot of people (smart-asses, anyway) don’t associate with New Jersey – the sorting of vegetables. Believe it or not, the Garden State does actually produce something other than corrupt politicians and bad Italian-American stereotypes. This scene is from Seabrook Farm, which still operates out of southern NJ. According to their website, they produce 150 million pounds of frozen vegetables a year.

Workers at Seabrook Farms sort some kind of mystery vegetable

I don’t know how you grow frozen vegetables in a state that stays above freezing for most of the year, but apparently Seabrook has found a way. But never mind all that – dig those sweet vegetable-handling outfits! I wonder if the frilly, pink apron was standard issue. Bonus points to anyone who can identify just what food those women are working with.