View-Master’s 1952 New York City – 3 of 4

While the signs have changed many times over the years, Times Square is just as identifiable today as it was in 1952.  Of course what seems to have changed is the sheer volume of lights – this image looks positively subdued compared to the garish displays of consumerism seen in the Square today, but I imagine it was still pretty impressive back then.

Times Square, c. 1952 (View-Master)

There’s some businesses I can’t make out, but others are hard to miss.  The ones I can get are:

  • Chevrolet (dead center)
  • Kinsey Blended Whiskey (under Chevrolet)
  • Pepsi-Cola (two below Kinsey)
  • Astor Hotel (on the left – it was demolished in 1967)
  • Capitol Theatre (bottom left)
  • Loew’s State Theatre (right of Chevrolet – the original closed in 1987 and was demolished in 1990)
  • Bond (apparel chain, very nice display on the right)