View-Master’s 1957 New Jersey – 1 of 7

Over the next week I’ll be presenting selected images from a three-reel View-Master set on New Jersey, released in 1957. Although most of the images are quite nice, I’ve chosen ones that illustrate just how much things have changed over the past half-century in the state I call home. Of course, the 3D goodness is lost when looking at just one image; and when you don’t have a sweet View-Master viewer.

NJ Turnpike - New Jersey 1957 View-Master

You may not recognize this road without construction equipment or bumper-to-bumper traffic, but it is in fact the famous New Jersey Turnpike. Assuming this photo was taken in 1957, the Turnpike was not yet a decade old. Construction began in January 1950 and the final nine-mile stretch opened on January 15, 1952. Even though further expansion was not expected to be needed until 1975, the first widening project took place in 1955 (d’oh!).

If I had to guess, I’d say this image was taken on a southern portion of the Turnpike, but if anyone knows any better please feel free to correct me. And before anyone asks, I do NOT know what exit I live near. One of the benefits (or drawbacks, depending on your point of view) of growing up in the interior portion of the state.

For more information on the Turnpike than any human needs, check out this site.

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