Let’s Look At Some Vintage 1960s McDonald’s Advertisements

McDonald's ad, 1961

So I’m cruising through eBay looking for more vintage ads to share, and I happened upon a group of excellent ones from the early-to-mid 1960s. They’re not flashy by any means, but they offer just a little slice of Mickey D’s life from the Kennedy era and beyond.

Most importantly, all of these black-and-white print ads feature vintage McDonald’s branding and building designs as seen in my post detailing the history of some fast food logos, so it should come as no surprise that I had to share these.

First up are four ads printed throughout 1961 in the Cincinnati Enquirer. All but one feature the classic mid-century arch building design, and we even get an appearance from Speedee! (Click on any ad to be taken to a full-size version on my Flickr page.)

McDonald's ad (Cincinnati Enquirier, 1961)

A free bagpipe band concert! How cool is that? I doubt you’d ever see something like that now.

McDonald's ad (Cincinnati Enquirier, 1961)

McDonald's ad (Cincinnati Enquirier, 1961)

McDonald's ad (Cincinnati Enquirier, 1961)

The “All American” was basically an early version of a combo meal. 45 cents in 1961 is worth about $3.51 these days, so the current price is actually comparable.

McDonald's ad, 1964


Here you can see the original Golden Arches logo, which debuted in 1962. The architecture of the restaurants had not changed much at all.

McDonald's ad, 1965


The Filet-O-Fish was invented in Cincinnati in 1962, and rolled out nationwide in 1965. I like the little nautical twist on the McDonald’s logo in this ad.

McDonald's ad, 1967


I wish I knew who “Lonesome” George was, but when I do a Google search all I get are hits on that Galapagos tortoise who died last year.

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