Vintage 1983 Radio Shack Burger King AM Radio

With the recent news of venerable electronics retailer Radio Shack’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing — and likely demise — I was inspired to hit the usual auction sites to see what kind of Radio Shack branded stuff I could find.

I was not disappointed with the results, which include this great AM radio with headphones that was made by Radio Shack and distributed at Burger King outlets in 1983.

Vintage 1983 Radio Shack Burger King AM Radio

Mint in box!

Vintage 1983 Radio Shack Burger King AM Radio

As you can see this radio was really a promotional item for the Whopper, and features Burger King’s “Aren’t You Hungry?” slogan from the early-to-mid 1980s. The back of the packaging features a detailed breakdown of the Whopper, as well as a nice black and white illustration of the standard BK franchise design that lasted through the decade at least.

What isn’t immediately visible from this is just how awesome the headphones looked outside the packaging. They were in fact Whopper halves featuring the classic Burger King bun logo.

Radio Shack :: "BURGER KING" HEADPHONE AM RADIO // ebay sample (( 1983 ))

I would so love a pair of these headphones for my iPhone. Let’s make that modification happen, people.

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