Vintage Fruit Crate Label Art

Bonnie Babe Lettuce crate art

Bonnie Babe Lettuce crate art

Yup, just like the title says, this is a gallery of vintage fruit crate labels. You can find these little art masterpieces in most antique/junk shops.

Miss Soft Ball, 1940s
Miss Soft Ball – Phoenix, AZ
Bonnie Babe lettuce crate label
Bonnie Babe lettuce – Salinas, CA
That Lucky Old Sun
El Sol – Fresno, CA
Race Track Tokay Grapes Crate Label
Race Track – Lodi, CA
Brownies Orange Crate Label
Brownies – Tulare County, CA
Rainbow's End
Rainbow’s End – Exeter, CA
Happy Bee
Happy Bee – Newburgh, NY
Blue-Jack fruitc crate label art
Blue Jack – Brawley, CA
Monashee Apple Crate Label
Monashee – Kelowna, BC, Canada
Gold Coast Orange Crate Label
Gold Coast – Fullerton, CA
Plen Tee Good
Plen Tee Color – Wapato, WA
Streamlined Delivery
Air-Flow – Winter Garden, FL
Nubile Field Hands Required: Apply Within
Buxom Melons – Yuma, AZ & Firebaugh, CA

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