Vintage Photo Wednesday: Detroit, 1927

Detroit, 1927

Detroit, 1927

This is a news service wire photo of Randolph Street looking west in Detroit, Michigan. It’s dated July 9, 1927. I would love to travel back in time and ride one of those trolley cars.

2 thoughts on “Vintage Photo Wednesday: Detroit, 1927

  1. Mr618

    Can’t help you with the trolleys in Detroit, but there are plenty of museums around where you can ride trolleys, as well as a couple of cities that are re-introducing them. Museums in East Haven, CT; Kennebunk, ME and a number of others keep the trolleys running, as do cities like Memphis, TN and NOLA (I think I heard theirs were finally running again, post-Katrina). Oh, and I think the Transportation Museum in St Louis has operating trolleys as well.

    1. Chris Holmes

      I think I saw some trolleys/streetcars in downtown Phoenix when I was there recently.

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