Monday, May 25

Vintage Photo Wednesday, Vol. 7 — Early 20th Century Cars

"1908 Winners" - Haynes Automobile Company
“1908 Winners” – Haynes Automobile Company

From Wikipedia:

The Haynes Automobile Company was a United States automobile manufacturing company, which produced automobiles in Kokomo, Indiana, from 1905 to 1924. The company was related to the Haynes-Apperson company, which produced automobiles from 1896-1905. Co-founder Elwood Haynes changed the name of the company after fellow co-founders Elmer and Edgar Apperson left to form the Apperson Automobile Company.

The Farmer's Automobile Collection - "Toilers of Land and Sea"
The Farmer’s Automobile Collection – “Toilers of Land and Sea” (date unknown)
"Pikes Peak Auto Highway" vintage automobile photograph
“Pikes Peak Auto Highway” (date unknown)
Stanley Steam Automobile, 1906 Model
Stanley Steam Automobile, 1906 Model

From Wikipedia:

The Stanley Motor Carriage Company was an American manufacturer of steam-engine vehicles; it operated from 1902 to 1924. The cars made by the company were colloquially called Stanley Steamers, although several different models were produced.

The Pageant of America Collection - "Automobile Moving Van"
The Pageant of America Collection – “Automobile Moving Van” (date unknown)
1931 Buick model 8-96
1931 Buick model 8-96

The 8-96 is also known as the Buick Victoria.

Vintage Car Photographs: Chalmers
“Chalmers Six and Crew Starting a 24-Hour Run Through Chicago Traffic” (date unknown)

From Wikipedia:

Chalmers Motor Car Company was a United States based automobile company located in Detroit, Michigan. It was named after Hugh Chalmers of the National Cash Register Company. The brand is currently owned by Chrysler.

Chalmers flourished in the 1910s and then faltered in the 1920s post-World War I recession. It merged with the Maxwell Automobile Company in the early 1920s, and ended all production in late 1923.

(Photos courtesy the New York Public Library Digital Gallery)