Vintage Photo Wednesday, Vol. 37: Smokin’ Outside the Pool Room

From St. Louis in May 1910 comes a scene you won’t see much of anymore. The photo description from the Library of Congress reads as follow: “A Pool Room Branch (Chouteau & Manchester). These boys were playing pool and smoking in the pool room while waiting for papers. The smallest boy is 9 years old and sells until 9 P.M.”

Click for a larger version. Photo credit to Lewis Wickes Hine. For another shot from the same session, check out this Shorpy page.

Vintage Photograph: Smoking Newsboys in St. Louis, 1910

I love the smirk on the dapper gentleman standing in the doorway. His face pretty much says, “Yeah, I’m watching these young kids smoke, what of it? As long as I get my paper on time I’m fine and dandy.”