Vintage Record Labels Abound on This 1970 Barclay Group Ad

Long-time readers of this blog already know how much I love talking about and looking at vintage record label art. So imagine my delight when I stumbled on this ad from the May 30, 1970 issue of Billboard magazine. It’s part of a tribute to French record executive Eddie Barclay, known in France as le roi du microsillon (“The King of Microgroove).”

This ad is in celebration of the beginning of the third decade for the Barclay Group, founded in 1949. It shows the center ring art for the imprints his company distributed. I had to do a little cleanup, and I think the result is pretty cool. Click for a larger version.

1970 Barclay Group ad from Billboard (May 30, 1970)

Just for reference, the labels in this ad are (from left to right in descending order) Amadeo Records, Atco Records, Atlantic Records, Barclay Records, Black and Blue Records, Buddah Records, Chess Records, CNR Records, Egg, Excello Records, Disques Fleche, GRT Records, Jubilee Records, Disques Meys, Monument Records, Princess Records, Riviera Records, Stax Records, 20th Century Fox Records, Vanguard Records, Volt Records, and Young Blood Records.