Vintage Toys: 1970s Star Trek Inter-Space Communicator

Star Trek Toy: Inter-Space Communicator (Lone Star, 1974)

The original Star Trek TV series ended in 1969, but its enduring popularity was evident not long after. Fan demand for new adventures led to the 1973-74 animated series, and it’s from that period that this neat Star Trek toy comes from. It’s an Inter-Space Communicator, released in 1974 by a British company called Lone Star. Hell, I’d like just the packaging, featuring a surprisingly decent illustration of Kirk and Spock.

Star Trek Toy: Inter-Space Communicator (Lone Star, 1974)

In case it wasn’t immediately obvious, the communicators here worked with a string attached between them. To the future!

Operating instructions and closeup shots are here. For more auction finds, click here.

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  1. Max Power

    I’m pretty sure that the MIR space station used this technology, too

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