Tuesday, March 31

Vintage Photo Wednesday, Vol. 30: Two Guys in the ’50s and ’70s

I’ve written about how much I miss the old Two Guys department store. I consider it a vital piece of my New Jersey upbringing and heritage, and I know others feel the same way. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this pair of old photographs. The first one comes from the golden age of Two Guys — 1952 to be precise — and is an interior shot from an unknown location. It shows the arcade/play area located by the entrance and cart return. Just 10 cents gets you a ride on the Rally Traffic Police Bike or the Tooner Ville Trolley!

Two Guys (1952)

The next photo is in glorious color, although it has considerably less visual interest for store enthusiasts. This is an aerial shot taken above the Hackensack Two Guys in November 1974. Just about the only thing definitively marking this is a Two Guys location is the big roof sign. Otherwise it’s just a parking lot full of old cars. Not that I’m complaining about that.

Two Guys (1974)

Sadly, Two Guys did not last long after this photo was taken. Parent company Vornado liquidated the chain in the early ’80s, and the last stores closed in 1982.

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