Welcome Alycia Lane fans

I know my place in the blogosphere (or is it blogiverse?). I get more hits on this site than I thought I would when I started, but I’m not about to compete with YouTube or Wikipedia. But the last few days have been rather busy here, as my average daily visitor count has gone up about 400%. Why the surge? A little digging revealed the source – Philadelphia’s favorite TV newscaster, Alycia Lane, is back in the news. When we last heard from her, she was sending unsolicited bikini photos to a Rich Eisen, who can currently be seen on the NFL Network.

More recently, she was arrested for allegedly assaulting a New York City cop. Most of the stories detailing this latest embarrassment have made mention of the earlier photo faux pas, resulting in a fresh tidal wave of internet searching. Alas, the bikini photos in question are harder to obtain than a Nintendo Wii, forcing many a frustrated searcher to resort to looking for more Japanese tentacle porn instead.

I can certainly sympathize with Lane’s potential paramours, as photos of attractive, scantily clad women are always hard to come by on the ol’ inter-tubes. So here you go guys (and maybe gals – who am I to judge?), I hope it was worth it (picture after the break):

That's hot.

That’s hot.

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