What Am I, Like, Some Kind of Summoner?

Just about the only time I see this AT&T commercial is during football games, and I’ve enjoyed it consistently for a few months. So here is the “Romantic Dinner” AT&T iPhone commercial.

I’m not going to lie, there’s a chance I may have been guilty of summoning scores/highlights on my iPhone during dinner or a conversation with Mrs. Suit. In my defense, sometimes you just gotta know what’s going on in the game. But I’m at least smart enough to keep quiet while doing it. Unless the Raiders score.

Oh, and as best as I can figure, the actress in this spot is Anicka Haywood. If someone knows better please let me know.

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5 thoughts on “What Am I, Like, Some Kind of Summoner?

  1. Rick Schlauch

    What am I, some kind of beer man????

  2. Thom

    This one really cracks me up – he sells it really well.

  3. Brian

    Her name is Anicka Haywood.

    1. Chris Holmes


  4. Mrs. Suit

    Um, I can tell when you’re trying to be “covert.” Just like the woman in this commercial. Come on, do you guys think we were born yesterday? : P

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