What the hell am I going to do with 20 pairs of leg warmers?

So I’m watching Saturday Night Fever last night with Mrs. Suit, and a thought occurred to me – what goes through a person’s mind when they reach the point where popular fashion dictates that what they’ve been wearing for the last 6 months to two years is now hideously out of style and they have to ditch it?

I know there were a ton of kids in the ’70s who had those giant platform shoes like Bobby C (the one who fell off the bridge at the end). What did they say when they not only realized that those shoes were no longer cool, but that they spent the last few years looking like morons for wearing them?

Is there any remorse in a situation like this, or do they just shrug their shoulders and move on? Or do they eagerly embrace the next garish fashion trend to emerge, like an alcoholic who would rather drink nail polish remover rather than confront their problem? Bringing this to the current trend, what’s going to happen to the legions of Croc-wearing adults who finally realize what clowns they looked like wearing those things? Will they even care?

Looking back at my history, I honestly can’t think of anything I wore that is legitimately embarrassing. Sure I had some stone-washed jeans, but they were still jeans. OK maybe I had one or two pairs of jorts, but I have long since abandoned those (like in the ’90s when most of Western civilization did). Come to think of it, I still see at least two or three jort-wearing goons on a daily basis. What’s up with that?