What’s on TV #2: Daniel Boone, 1966

What's on TV?

Today’s TV viewing takes us back to the frontier. Or at least the frontier as imagined on NBC in the 1960s.

1966 Daniel Boone NBC TV newspaper ad

Courtesy the Sioux City Journal from February 3, 1966 is this ad for Daniel Boone, airing on KTIV-TV in Sioux City. Thanks to Wikipedia, we know that this was the season two episode “The Gun.”

3 thoughts on “What’s on TV #2: Daniel Boone, 1966

  1. Lonestar

    Back then, we in Dallas had five channels (VHF, six if someone opened up a UHF station) and we loved it. On-air at 5:00 AM, off at 12 Midnight. Simpler times. 😊

  2. Tim

    That grid is not from 1966. That grid is from November 29, 1973 – that’s the night “The Catholics” aired on Playhouse 90.
    Don’t know why that grid is even on that page, because “Daniel Boone” isn’t even on that grid. Very confusing.

    1. Chris Holmes

      That’s just a generic header image for the post series.

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