Why I am now a Seattle Seahawks fan

For the next month (at most), I am switching my NFL allegiance from my beloved Oakland Raiders to the Seattle Seahawks.  Why?  Well a few reasons.  For one, I need a break from Al Davis and his batshit crazy ownership moves, like letting go of the first semi-competent head coach he’s had in a decade (Tom Cable) and the best defensive player he’s had in a decade (Nnamdi Asomugha).

But don’t worry, I’m no bandwagon fan.  As soon as the Seahawks either get dumped from the playoffs or win the whole damn thing at Super Bowl XLV (that means 73 in Italian, right?), it’s back to the Silver & Black for me.  But I’m really hoping for the latter right now.

It’s not that I give a damn about the Seahawks, a former hated AFC West rival.  It’s that they’re doing such a marvelous job pissing off football “purists” right now.  You know, the ones who choked on their bile when they found out that the 7-9 ‘Hawks not only would go into the playoffs as NFC West champs, but would get a home game against the defending NFL champion New Orleans Saints.  Gah!  Why, the unmitigated gall of those losers!!!@#$

There’s a host of fans and columnists who are affronted by the very idea that a sub-.500 team gets to host a playoff game, even though they won their (admittedly horrendous) division.  To that I say, “tough nuts.”  This kind of thing happens once in a blue moon.  Deal.

But pissing off fans and columnists with delicate sensibilities is just one reason I love the Seahawks right now.  They represent not only the ultimate playoff underdog (they entered the playoffs as a 200-1 longshot to win the Super Bowl), but a huge bug stuck on the NFL’s high-gloss coat of paint.  Every playoff game they win is a victory for those of us who like seeing the self-appointed guardians of NFL order get punched in the nose.  Not only have they dethroned the darlings of the league, they did so by hanging 41 points on the Saints and punctuating their win with an all-time classic playoff run by Marshawn Lynch.  Beast Mode!

I would love nothing more come February 6 than to watch Roger Goodell struggle to suppress his white-hot rage as he hands the Vince Lombardi trophy to Pete Carroll and congratulate the Seahawks on their spectacular season.  Besides, they deserve that much after getting jobbed by the refs in Super Bowl XL.

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2 thoughts on “Why I am now a Seattle Seahawks fan

  1. thom

    As much as I’m in favor of seeding by record first (it’ll make the last couple of weeks far more interesting), division winners have to get automatic bids or the divisions become useless. And I’m all in favor of the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl just to piss off a lot of people and make the NFL look bad.

    1. grayflannelsuit

      Watching Seattle beat New England in the Super Bowl might just be the greatest moment in my life after my son being born.

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