Thursday, July 9

You know how I know the new Cavemen series is going to suck?

Because I get more laughs from a 30-second Geico caveman commercial than I did from this preview clip on ABC’s website. Mistake number one was not getting the actors from the commercials to star in the series. They are actually a big reason why the ads work so well. Mistake number two was hiring a makeup designer from the local community college. With the possible exception of the one in the passenger seat, they look more like really tan guys with horrible grooming habits than prehistoric men. And although I can’t tell from such a brief clip, I will bet money that another crucial aspect of the commercials – that the cavemen are actually rather urbane and sophisticated yuppie types – will be lost as well.

Oh well, at least it can’t be any lamer than According to Jim. I think.

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  • That’s a shame. I was starting to convince myself that they would actually pull it off. Every time I see the interaction during the rooftop party commercial I see so much potential for a half-hour show. Now I’m sure it’ll suck.

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