You know who Paula Abdul loves?

Britney Spears, that’s who. And why? Because the ex-Mrs. Federline’s heinous war crime of a performance at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards has finally blighted the memory of Paula’s sad 1991 VMA spectacle for good (maybe):


4 thoughts on “You know who Paula Abdul loves?

  1. PJ

    Diabolical. Her outfit was hideous, and her vocals sucked. The dancing was great but she should have mimed. At least she put her heart into it, which Britney didn’t seem to do the other day.

  2. MC

    That was all kinds of bad mojo.

  3. mizerychik

    Chunky? Ugh, no wonder she had a severe eating disorder.

  4. h

    i liked paulas performance.. sure she might have looks a little chunky, but the performance was ait was a masterpiece compared to britneys

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