The Original Extreme Couponing: The 1968 Raleigh/BelAir cigarette coupon catalog
1968 Raleigh/BelAir cigarette coupon catalog

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For the longest time I assumed Camel Cash represented the first cynical attempt of a tobacco company to outright bribe smokers into sucking down pack after pack in exchange for cheap merchandise.

Turns out I was wrong. Years before Camel Cash appeared — decades in fact — the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation sold every pack and carton of Raleigh cigarettes, among other brands, with coupons bearing the Raleigh name. These coupons were redeemable for a wide array of consumer goods listed in a free catalog. And to my surprise, much of the stuff contained therein looks to be of fairly good quality.

The merchandise catalog I present to you here is the 48th edition, from July 1968. As you can see on the cover, B&W also offered Raleigh coupons that year with packs of BelAir, a menthol brand launched in 1960.

It goes without saying that I'm not presenting this as any kind of endorsement of smoking. What I do endorse is the fact that this catalog, just as with cigarette advertising in general, offers a glimpse at fascinating time in America when the public's attitude toward smoking was very different.

Oh yeah, and a lot of the stuff in this catalog is cool to look at. Mustn't forget that. Click here to start at the beginning or use the menu on the right. Comments can be left on the blog. Happy shopping!

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