The Wonderful World of View-Master

You couldn't pay me to sit in a theater and watch a 3D movie, but I can (and have) spent hours staring into View-Master devices over the years. Whether it's lovingly arranged set pieces or high-caliber scenic photography, there's magic in those little cardboard discs.

That's not to say every reel is a winner, no sir. But the power of View-Master is such that even when scanned and presented in 2D, the majority of images retain their appeal. And so I offer here, for your viewing pleasure, my ever-growing collection of scanned View-Master reels. Enjoy, and check back often for new entries!

View-Master Germany reel cover
View-Master Electra Woman and Dyna Girl reel cover
Germany (c. early 1960s)
ElectraWoman and DynaGirl (1977)
View-Master New Jersey reel cover
View-Master Little Red Riding Hood reel cover
New Jersey (1957)
Little Red Riding Hood (1960)
View-Master New York City reel cover
New York City (1950s) — scans in progress
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